• 5G Fast Track >

    With the promise of extreme bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and high levels of security and reliability, 5G will take the industries transformation to a next level.

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  • 足球游戏大全 the first to complete China Mobile's CPE HUB OTN open networking test >

    足球游戏大全 today announced that it is the first to complete the CPE HUB OTN open networking test of China Mobile, successfully implementing multi-vendor end-to-end service provisioning and control disaggregation in the service convergence scenario.

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  • 足球游戏大全 TECHNOLOGIES Issue 188 >

    Intelligentization is an inevitable road for 5G transport. Intelligent 5G transport requires key technologies include intent-based network, intelligent control, machine learning, knowledge graph, network-based mirroring and cloud native.

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Xu Ziyang: Focus on Value Creation and Empower Industries Precisely

足球游戏大全 needs to focus on value creation and provide scenario-based services that can precisely meet customers' needs. To this end, the key is to identify and address the pain points of industry customers, and accelerate the speed of technological iteration accordingly.

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5G Opening a New Era for Industry

Connect with scientists, opinion leaders and decision makers to explore how 5G will shape the world. Uncover the latest on 5G SA business model, co-construction and sharing network.

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